Olivia Milani

Solstice Images is the work of Olivia Milani, an experienced photographer with a great love for nature and art, and a passion for travel, dance and living each moment fully. 

Olivia trained as a photographer at Central Saint Martins in London. Alongside her photographic skills, she brings a background working in graphic design - with the creative and technical aspects of each discipline fused in the clarity of her images.

She specialises in portrait and live art photography. Through her lyrical looking and warm presence, she creates soulful images and strives to distill the unique beauty of her subjects in an imaginative and sincere way.

Her warm and soulful approach to life
shines through every image
— Kim Farley
Olivia Milani
Olivia Milani

In addition to being a visual story-teller, Olivia is also an experienced traveler with an explorer’s heart. Driven by her passion for remote cultures and wild nature, she has travelled widely and as far afield as the plains of Siberia and Mongolia, the peaks of the Andes mountains and the Amazon jungle. She loves connecting with nature and is particularly attracted to vast, open landscapes and old forests that glow with meaning.

With a multicultural background, she grew up in the Italian speaking region of Switzerland and feels at home in the world. She is based in London and is available for assignments and commissions worldwide. Olivia speaks fluent Italian, German, English and some basic Spanish and French.

She welcomes creative collaborations and wishes to use her skills and talents in a meaningful way. Olivia is particularly passionate about supporting and collaborating in projects that encourage environmental and social justice and wellbeing. Her personal fine art projects can be seen at www.oliviamilani.net

Just like music, images are a universal language,
it’s the language I understand best.
— Olivia